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February 2017 Mailbox

Q. When I go to confession, I feel my preparation wasn’t enough and that I need to examine my conscience more. It’s like a never-ending process. I end up in doubt and fear and anxiety.


A. You’ve just described the scrupulous condition. Let me assure you that no amount of effort will satisfy this feeling of inadequacy. The key to managing your disease is to give yourself permission to believe that your feeling of inadequacy it is not a sign of ill-preparedness or a measurement of your desire for forgiveness. It is a manifestation of the disease of scrupulosity.


Q. Our parish priest often speaks about being wary of unorthodox teachers who want to lead the people of God astray. How can anyone be sure they’re receiving true teachings? Why is there no guarantee?


A. I hate to say it, but it seems to me that your pastor is expressing his own fears and anxieties. Unorthodox teachers are not lurking behind every bush or shadow. The Church effectively monitors those who teach and preach in the name of the Church, and people who are truly unorthodox in their teaching soon find themselves relieved of any official position in the Church. Be at peace as you continue to meditate on the Word of God as you receive it

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