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July 2017 Mailbox

Q: Summer travel makes me anxious. What if we’re far from a church on Sunday or travel reservations conflict with the Mass schedule? Every summer I find myself worrying about mortal sin instead of enjoying the time with my family.

A: You won’t commit mortal sin. You want above all to follow God’s commandments and the precepts of the Church, but superhuman effort isn’t required. Unavoidable conflicts are a fact of modern life. You are not responsible for what you are sincerely unable to choose because of the circumstances. Be at peace, and enjoy your vacation.


Q: Missionaries from another church came to my door. I let them in, but their conversation made me uncomfortable and I asked them to go. They gave me a lot of literature. I don’t want to read it or see them again. Is this sinful?

A: You’re not required to open your home or converse with someone trying to evangelize or proselytize. I think you made the correct choice. Simply dispose of the material they left. If they come to your door again, politely tell them you’re not interested in a second conversation.

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