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June 2015 Letters

Q: I freely choose to attend daily Mass because I want to be present for the Mass, but I attend Sunday Mass because it is an obligation. I wish Sunday Mass made me feel the way I feel at daily Mass.

A: You’ve moved well beyond the point of obligation and are incorporating your daily attendance at Mass into your spiritual practice.

I suggest you stop judging and trying to measure your response and just be present and enjoy your attendance at each Mass, whenever it may be scheduled. Trying to discern the difference in how you feel about your attendance is a useless exercise.

Q: I understand that part of the issue with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and scrupulosity is the constant questioning. But is every question a manifestation of my OCD, or is there such a thing as a normal question?

A: Questions are an important part of learning and living. It’s impossible to live without them. So yes, people with scrupulosity and OCD can, and should, have normal, healthy questions.

But when the questions go beyond the need for information, your OCD is manifested, like when you’re asking a question about the answer to your question, which was an answer to your question, which prompted the original question.

See the difference?

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