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August 2015 Letters

Q: Some of my thoughts are so powerful, so disturbing, and so heinous that they have to be sinful. At what exact moment do such thoughts become mortal sin?

A: If I have a very powerful and pleasing thought that I’m going to win a million dollars, when should I start spending it? The answer is obvious: not until the money is in the bank.

The same dynamic is at work with other thoughts, no matter how powerful. Thoughts become sin only when they result in a measurable and observable action, behavior, or result, and not one minute before. You don’t have the power to create sin with only your thoughts. The only thing you create with your thoughts is the fear and anxiety of your disorder.

Q: Have you discontinued your radio program?

A: Thank you for asking. I ended the live broadcast at the end of May because of a conflict in my schedule. We may resume the live broadcast later this year or perhaps introduce a different type of program. In the meantime, the podcasts are available here.

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