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May 2016 Letters

I followed your advice, and my priest refused to accept what I was doing. I even gave him a copy of the SA newsletter that explained my situation. He insists I do what he tells me and refuses to accept that scrupulosity is a serious impediment to fully accepting God’s grace. Now I don’t know what to do.

I’m very sorry this happened. My advice is to find a new confessor, a priest who is patient, kind, and willing to walk with you on your difficult spiritual journey. I don’t know why your current priest refuses to do so, and I don’t choose to make a judgment. However, the advice I provide is sound, orthodox pastoral practice and guidance, and you may in good conscience put it into practice every day.

Is yoga a sin? My gym offers classes in yoga, and I find the stretching and breathing exercises to be very helpful. A friend says I should no longer attend the class because yoga is a spiritual practice that isn’t accepted or endorsed by the Catholic Church.

To the best of my knowledge, no official Church office offers stamps of approval or disapproval on the many practices available to us. The Church relies on common sense and informed conscience. Your common sense informs you that yoga helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle and benefits you.

Although yoga does have roots in Hinduism, the yoga offered in a public gym isn’t a threat to your Catholic life or spiritual practice.

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