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Q. Scrupulosity and obsessive-compulsive disorder are simply the sin of vain-glory. The spiritual classics are filled with examples that illustrate the truth of this assertion.

A. I strongly disagree. What makes vain-glory seem the same as OCD and scrupulosity is the frantic search for an explanation of OCD/scrupulosity as something other than a disorder, and by extension something for which the person is ultimately responsible. This desperate search is in fact a manifestation of the disorder, not an explanation for the experience.


Q. The Holy Spirit has abandoned me because I sinned. My life is falling apart. I’m divorced, and my daughter is unhappy because her classmates think she’s weird. I think we both have scrupulosity.

A. The Holy Spirit hasn’t abandoned you. It’s impossible for the Spirit of God to abandon us. This is not an issue of scrupulosity. You and your daughter are experiencing trauma. You both need professional guidance and support to deal with it.

You cannot pray this kind of trauma away. You need to use the gifts God has blessed you with. These gifts include professional psychological guidance.

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