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December 2016 Mailbox

Q. Perhaps it’s because of the holidays, but I’ve been bombarded with so-called premium gifts that accompany appeals for donations. All the causes are worthy. What am I supposed to do with these premiums?

A. You have no obligation to return any unsolicited gift or to make a donation. Organizations realize that not everyone will respond. Even if you don’t make a donation, you’re free to use the premium or throw it away. The choice is yours, pure and simple.


Q. I’m very attached to my dog. She’s been my faithful companion for more than fourteen years. When she dies, will she go to heaven, or is there another place for faithful companions like her?

A. No one knows, but if I were to speculate, I’d say yes, your faithful companion will go to heaven. I prefer to err on the side of generosity and magnanimity when speaking of spiritual things because that’s the way God is revealed to us through Jesus.

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