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April 2017 Mailbox

Q. I understand it’s a pious Catholic practice to make a general confession before a significant life change. I’m getting married. Is this confession appropriate for people with scrupulosity?

A. Congratulations on your upcoming marriage! I pray that you and your future spouse will be blessed and nourished by the sacrament of marriage.

A general confession isn’t a good idea. It’s always been the pastoral counsel of the priest-directors of SA that this kind of confession is potentially harmful for people with scrupulosity. Do not engage in this spiritual practice on this occasion or any other as long as your scrupulosity continues.

Q. Is there a cure for scrupulosity, or will I have it the rest of my life? I get so discouraged.

A. Many cognitive and behavioral therapies have been useful in managing scrupulosity. Drug therapy is also helpful in conjunction with regular psychological and spiritual counseling.

I would never say there is no cure for scrupulosity, but managing it is a more attainable goal and often the most positive outcome you can expect. And never underestimate the power of God’s grace.

So, when you look at the big picture and see what’s possible, there is more to be encouraged about than discouraged.


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