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Q. Father, I know this is an unusual question, but I donít know the answer. Is nudity sinful? On vacation we accidently found ourselves on a nude beach, and I insisted we leave immediately. My husband tells me that I am just being prudish but I was more concerned about sin.

A. No, nudity is not sinful. As you discovered on your vacation, there are varying degrees of public nudity that are acceptable in different cultures. Some cultures are quite open about it and some are not. What’s important is the safety of children and vulnerable adults in any such situation. Exploitation is the concern, not nudity in and of itself. It’s also important to consider your comfort level. If it causes anxiety and concern for you, just move to a section of the beach where swimsuits are worn.

Q. My grandson is marrying a wonderful woman at a ìdestination weddingî in the Caribbean. I wasnít asked to attend the wedding, but Iíve been invited to their reception when they return. Would it be a sin for me to attend the reception since it may seem that Iím giving them my permission to be in a marriage thatís not blessed by the Church?

A. Being at their reception doesn’t give them permission to be married or bestow your blessing upon them. The reception is a social event that celebrates a significant milestone in your grandson’s life. It would be appropriate for you to attend it and enjoy the party.

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