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Q. My senior class trip is a long weekend to Walt Disney World in Florida. Weíre required to stay the entire time in the Disney World village, and Iím not sure if Sunday Mass will be an option. If I miss Sunday Mass as a result of this situation, is it a mortal sin or a venial sin?

A. How about no sin at all? If you’re unable to attend Sunday Mass for a good reason—and the safety and security of the senior class far away from home is an example of a good reason—there is no sin. The obligation for Sunday Mass doesn’t require superhuman effort, and it doesn’t require you not to go on the trip. Enjoy your senior trip, and if the opportunity for Sunday Mass is present, attend Mass as part of your experience for yet another good memory.

Q. Where do you come up with this stuff? If youíre not going to be a faithful witness of the teaching of the Magisterium and of the Catholic Church, then at least donít burden all of us with even more confusion. I want faithfulness, not another priest who is lukewarm if not unbelieving in his faith.

A. I know you won’t like my answer. The issue is not me, the issue is you and, even more to the point, the issue is your anger. In addition to your anger, the other issue is the severe measure you use as a moral compass. This is not required, is not representative of orthodoxy, and is most certainly not an expression of “good pastoral care and direction,” which is the purpose of this ministry. You need help, and attacking me is just a distraction. Please seek the help you need. There is no life in the unnecessary prison of anger and severity.

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