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Q. As part of our preparation for our departure at the end of our cruise vacation, my husband and I were required to place our luggage outside of our room the night before we were scheduled to leave. I was so concerned about this that I rejected my husband’s request for intimacy on our last night of vacation. Now I’m concerned that I sinned by worrying and by rejecting him.

A. The requirement for your luggage is a normal part of the cruise routine. Worrying about the procedure or wondering if you kept all the things that you need for the next day isn’t an unusual preoccupation. It’s too bad that your worry and anxiety in the moment interfered with an opportunity for intimacy with your husband, but it’s not a sin. Sometimes worry and anxiety interfere with what we might prefer to experience.

Is it unfortunate? Yes, but it’s not sinful.

Q. I recently tried to confess past sins in confession, and the priest interrupted me and told me that as a scrupulous person I should avoid this practice. I feel I’m getting some kind of privilege or getting away with something because of my scrupulosity. I’m worried that if I don’t try and confess my past sins I will make bad confessions.

A. Be thankful that you have a good confessor who seems to actually understand what scrupulosity is doing to you and will not enable the process. You’re not being given a privilege and you’re not getting away with anything. What you are experiencing is exceptional pastoral care. Please be grateful that you have been blessed in this way. I encourage you to follow the directions of this caring priest.

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