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Q.Everything I read clearly states that when people violate a precept of the Church with full knowledge and intent, they commit a mortal sin. Following Church precepts is the minimum required of a good practicing Catholic, or so seems to be the general opinion of the authors I read.

A. I suggest that you significantly upgrade your reading material. Pay close attention to the publication date of the books you read because the Church and its practices and disciplines change. In order to receive and be able to follow the best pastoral advice and direction possible, it’s important for your reading material to be current. What you’re reading now doesn’t seem to help you on your spiritual journey

Q. I really disagree with your answer that itís permissible to take a cruise for vacation that doesnít guarantee the ability to attend Sunday Mass. Missing Mass for such a frivolous reason as a vacation seems to me to be a clear and deliberate violation of what is required. Your answer is generous and too easy. It lets us off the hook!

A. You’re free to apply a stricter standard to your own spiritual practice than what the Church requires. I hope you’re making the application with the help of a spiritual director or confessor. That being said, we’re not required to apply a strict interpretation of any law, and it’s certainly not sinful to choose another way, even if it seems to be generous and too easy.

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