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Q.  If you had to choose just one piece of advice for a scrupulous person, what would that advice be? I think I know what it will be, but I just want to see what you might say.

A. If my limit was stating just one truth with a scrupulous person, it might not be what you expect. Here it is: strive to learn how to recognize your fear triggers and manage your scrupulosity. You cannot be cured of scrupulosity. You can, however, learn to manage the disorder and achieve a palatable and life-giving freedom from the fear and anxiety that the disorder causes. Let go of the impossible and embrace the possible.

Q. I think you should apologize to me and to all of the readers of your newsletter for the constant errors you champion in these pages. You are an unreliable guide, and the advice you offer is not consistent with the teaching of the Church.

A. My advice is the best pastoral and orthodox advice available for the scrupulous. I never offer advice in this publication without much prayer and thought beforehand. I always try to choose subject matter that is representative of the mail I receive. Each topic is as current as possible in the hope that it will benefit our readers. I understand that some readers, such as yourself, will be disappointed and distressed because I contradict and challenge your belief system. You know your own system, and I don’t pretend to be useful or acceptable. But if you want helpful pastoral advice that is representative of the teaching of the Church, this newsletter faithfully presents that reality.

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