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Q.  Is there a listing of what might be common experiences, in detail please, of the kind of thoughts that scrupulous people generally experience? It may be helpful to have a handy list.

A.  There is no such list. Each personís experience of scrupulosity is unique to him or her. No generalization is possible, and no common list can be generated. Even if it were possible, a list would be counterproductive. Scrupulous people could use such a list to encounter fear and anxieties about subjects they had not considered.

Q.  Is it permissible to touch your ìprivate partsî for medical reasons? I sometimes touch myself, and it generates a sexual feeling, and I feel that I may be sinning.

A.  It is totally permissible to touch your body, even if it generates feelings, some of which may even be sexual. Even other feelings that may be intense might result. That is the way God created the human body to respond. It is natural,
it is most certainly not sinful.

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