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Q. The pandemic has not been kind to those of us who suffer with OCD. It has made our fear even more palpable. I truly struggle with the idea of going to church and celebrating the sacraments, especially within the confined space of a confessional.

A. Do not go to church until you feel safe. Take your time. There is no need to complicate what is already a difficult situation with a sense of obligation that is not required. If you truly need to celebrate the sacrament of reconciliation, call for an appointment that will avoid the need to enter the confessional. There is no need to ratchet up your personal fear and anxiety. Superhuman strength is not a requirement for spiritual practice.

Q. Is there still a requirement to practice “custody of the eyes”? Today’s clothing and swimwear attire make me feel surrounded by temptation. I avoid the beach, swimming pools, and all other places where I know there will be temptation.

A. There is a huge difference between a spiritual practice such as modesty and choosing to live a way of life that becomes more and more isolating every day. It is not spiritually or psychologically healthy to isolate, no matter what the reason. I would suggest that you find someone to help you find balance in your perception so you can enjoy the freedom of living that is required and necessary to be healthy.

Published inSA Mailbox