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Q.  It is almost Election Day. I am always filled with anxiety during this period of time. I feel torn when I consider the different candidates. No candidate seems to represent what I feel is most important. I get very discouraged and worried that I might make the wrong decision.

A.  A few years ago, I penned a reflection for the SA newsletter that seemed to be quite helpful. It did not provide all the answers, but it did provide some useful guidance. I have made this reflection available to all on Facebook. Just visit the “Understanding Scrupulosity” page and you will be able to read it. I hope it helps to lessen your anxiety.


Q.  This may sound strange, but am I required to help my elderly neighbor when I see her struggling with everyday tasks? I am much younger than she is and could perform the tasks very quickly, but I do not offer to help. Am I committing a sin of omission?

A.  Let us remove your question from the context of sin. I think what is important here is basic humanity: the willingness to be of service to a human person who is in need. There is really no need to go beyond that. If you see another person struggling with something and you can help, then do so. It is as simple as that.

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