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Q. I am quite confused by one of your recent newsletters. You asserted that ìthoughts are thoughts and that is it. They have no power in and of themselves.î I find this not helpful and seek your clarification.

A. Thoughts do not have power beyond the power that you assign to them. People can sit all day in a room and generate a nonstop series of positive and negative thoughts, and no changes will take place around them. The ones doing the thinking are the only people who will experience the thoughts. As I said, thoughts have no power in and of themselves.


Q. The dispensations for attending Sunday Mass during the pandemic did not comfort me. How can anyone, even a bishop, dispense Catholics from one of the Ten Commandments?

A. Attendance at Mass on Sunday is not one of the Ten Commandments. It is a precept of the Church, a canonical law, a spiritual practice and discipline that has been created by those who possess the authority to make regulations in the Catholic Church. Those who have the power to make regulations also have the power to dispense people from one. The commandment says to keep the sabbath “holy.” It says nothing about attending church on Sundays

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