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Q. With the weather heating up I start thinking about going to the beach. However, the beach is filled with temptations against maintaining purity. It seems that it is impossible for a good Catholic to enjoy the beach with all the possible sins that are present.

A. This question often is posed when the weather gets warmer. I suggest you place the experience outside of a struggle between good and evil, purity and sin, and let it be what it is. A trip to the beach is meant to be enjoyed, not endured.

Q. Is a person obliged, under the penalty of sin, to pray morning and evening prayer? Some authors say that prayer is a serious obligation.

A. Prayer is not so much an obligation as an invitation. It is a spiritual practice and a spiritual discipline. You can take the practice up, put it aside for a while, or even choose something else. That is what a practice is. Also, it is a practice that is helpful in growing in your primary relationship with God, so it is a highly recommended.

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