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Q. Is it a serious sin to admire the beauty of women and men at the beach? I enjoy the beach, but I spend a lot of time just watching people.

A. No, it is not a sin. It is perfectly natural. The human body can be extremely attractive, and at other times it can also be a source of wonderment! Enjoying people enjoying themselves and having a good time is a healthy thing to do. Just remember to use plenty of sunscreen.

Q. I was watching a video about the holy Eucharist, and the presenter insisted that it was irreverent, bordering on serious sin, to receive Communion in the hand. If this is true, why do so many people receive Communion in the hand?

A. Your answer is within your question. If the reception of holy Communion in the hand is an acceptable practice, that is the reason you observe so many people engaging in this practice. If it were not permitted and was sinful, it would not occur in the Church community. It is as simple as that. The presenter was arguing for a spiritual practice that was representative of another time and place.

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