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Q. At the end of my confession, the priest added, ìand also for your sins of presumption.î This surprised me. Now I am wondering if I should include the sin of presumption in my confession from now on.

A. It is unfortunate that the priest did that. He should have resisted his own piety and devotion, an idea that would help him, but not so much for you. You have no obligation whatsoever to include the sin of presumption in your confession.


Q. I was unloading my shopping cart into my car and the cart got away from me and bumped into the car next to mine. I think there was a scratch. I did not leave a note or wait for the owner of the car to return. Now I am worried about sin and restitution.

A. There is no sin and no restitution needed. Shopping carts routinely bump into other cars in the parking lot. It is a consequence of tight parking spaces and carts on wheels, not a consequence of a deliberate decision to sin and cause damage. You don’t need to do anything more.

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