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Q. Do you have any guidance on how to make a good confession?

A. Yes. Stop judging your confession as either good or bad. Judge it rather as an experience of God’s grace and love. The sacrament of penance is a gift from God, an encounter with our loving Redeemer, and the experience of his merciful grace. How can anyone judge a gift from God in any way other than good?

Q. I have searched in vain for a specific answer to my question, and I have been frustrated in finding what I am looking for. Why is it so difficult to answer a question yes or no?

A. Life is often not black and white. It is more often gray. Consider context, in the widest possible sense, to answer a question honestly. Anyone who offers you a yes or no in answer to your question is doing you a disservice. It may seem helpful, but it is not.

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