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Q. I have been told that we can sin in our dreams. How can this be true since there is no consent? I have awakened a couple of times when I was horrified that I could have had such a dream. I was unaware that I had a subconscious desire for such a thing to happen.

A. You cannot sin in your dreams. The symbols and the stories that your dreams reveal are an undisciplined collection of random thoughts, actions, experiences, and people. The free-flowing experience of dreaming is necessary for our healthy mental living, but we are not responsible for how the story is told.


Q. Is the phrase, “Oh my God” a sin? If I say it, am I using the name of the Lord in vain?

A. No, it is not a sin, it is an exclamation. It may be an exclamation of praise. It may be an exclamation of surprise. It may be many things, but it is not and cannot be a sin. I see it more as a reflection of a faithful person exclaiming about an event or experience in life.

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