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Q. Is it a sin to refer to transgender people with the pronoun they self-identify with?
I have been counseled that using the pronoun they prefer affirms them in their sin of not living as God created them and that I should avoid doing so.

A. It is not sinful to refer to transgender people with their preferred pronouns. It is respectful of their personhood as a child of God. Why would you freely choose to disrespect another person who is already struggling with something that is serious and difficult? Be compassionate. You can never make a mistake choosing compassion.


Q. Is there a certain age at which people can choose to make decisions about their life and what is possible for them and what is not? For example, I am thinking about old age, when you determine you can just not attend Mass every Sunday.

A. Yes, the certain age is called the age of reason. Generally, that age is when a person is eligible for the celebration of the sacrament of reconciliation. It is also called maturity. To choose responsibly is the path and way for all Catholics, for all people. Discernment is a necessary process that everyone engages in throughout life.

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