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Q. Your answers and reflections are often helpful, but they lack the clarity of detail and the specific guidelines that I find helpful. I do not deal well with grey areas, and I need answers that are black and white, right and wrong.

A.  In a newsletter, I cannot provide you with the detail you seek. In reality, no one can honestly provide you with that kind of direction. Details will lack the clarity that you crave. That is unfortunately the ravages of scrupulosity at work. Life is often grey, as unacceptable as that answer might seem to you.


Q. Is sloth always a mortal sin? It is difficult to find any directions about this.

A. My guess is that you are having difficulty because the general understanding of what sloth is has changed drastically over the years. What might have been perceived as sloth a long time ago is perhaps more accurately understood as a symptom of the mental health issue of depression. The reluctance to make an effort is more often than not a mental health issue, not a sin.

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