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Q. I went to confession and the priest was not at all helpful. I hesitate to use this word, but I felt he was abusive to me. I am trying not to be oversensitive about this, but I struggle with the memory of the experience.

A. There is no excuse for this kind of behavior. You should have only encountered compassion, understanding, generosity, and mercy. Nothing else. I am sorry that your experience was not at all helpful. Make it a point never to engage with him again under any circumstances. I am not going to try and explain away what he did. It should not  have happened.

Q. Are there other resources you might recommend for the scrupulous? There are so many offerings on social media, but I am never sure what is helpful or what might be less than useful. 

A. On Facebook, you might visit the “Understanding Scrupulosity” page, where questions are answered in a timely manner. You might also visit Resources noted on that website might be helpful.

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