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Q. Is it permissible to have a tattoo? A friend told me the Bible prohibits it, but I am not sure that would be the case.

A. Although Leviticus 19:28 refers to tattooing, most biblical scholars agree that the Bible does not prohibit getting a tattoo. It is a personal choice, but as in all personal choices, an informed and well-balanced judgment would seem prudent. While tattoos are not permanent, they are difficult and painful to remove.

Q. My brother is getting married and has decided not to be married in church. His bride is not Catholic, and they determined it would be better to select a neutral location. I disagree with his choice, but my main concern is whether I can attend the wedding.

A. You may go to this important event. Your attendance does not “give permission” or encourage your brother’s choice. It supports him at an important time in his life and in the life of your family. You may find priests who will offer a contrary opinion, but they are in the minority among their peers.

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