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Q. Are dreams important? Do they have any value to us that would indicate something that we should pay attention to or are they just harmless imaginings of the mind while we are sleeping?

A. Dreams are important and are a necessary part of what it means to be human. There are many theories that are helpful in understanding the interpretation of the meaning of dreams. As a general rule, the emotion or feeling that you are left with when you recall the dream, rather than the particular content of the dream, is what might be the most important part of your dream. And although you did not ask this question I will answer it anyway: dreams are morally neutral. They are not sinful, no matter how powerful they may be.

Q. In the matter of the obligation of attending Sunday Mass, am I correct in believing that mature Catholics who are serious and disciplined in the practice of their faith may for a good reason and without the penalty of sin excuse themselves from the obligation when it is necessary to do so?

A. Not only are you correct, you are right on. A mature, practiced, disciplined, and discernible practice of the faith, in all matters great and small, is the expectation and hope for all Catholics. You have the obligation to be informed and formed, but you also have the obligation to make the choice that you need to make that is appropriate for you.

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