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Q. I sometimes have erotic feelings when I am with a person I love. I find these feelings difficult to avoid, and I am wondering if I am committing a mortal sin.

A. You are not committing any kind of sin.   You are experiencing a gift that God created for human beings. Be grateful! Have no fear. Those feelings mean you are alive and capable of loving.

Q. I recently heard a homily in which the priest referenced the sacraments of reconciliation. This surprised me. I thought there was only one sacrament of reconciliation.

A. Although there is one primary sacrament of reconciliation, the healing and reconciling power of God cannot be contained tightly in only one expression of his love for us. The sacraments of baptism, Eucharist, and anointing of the sick are also experiences of reconciliation. This is likely what the priest was referring to.

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