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Q. In addition to this newsletter, are there other useful resources that you recommend for people who suffer with scrupulosity? Any help you provide would be appreciated.

A. Two no-cost internet resources are a link leading to the IOCD Foundation (, which has important information, and my YouTube site of useful videos and information, “Managing Scrupulosity.” Avoid social-media resources that lack a relationship with a trusted source. They often harm more than help.

Q. Our neighbors belong to a Christian denomination that does not celebrate Christmas. This caused all sorts of questions last year from my children, and I want to be prepared this year for the questions that I know will come. Any suggestions?

A. This is a perfect opportunity to remind your children that there are many traditions and customs in this world. What is important is to try and understand these differences and respect them. This also is an opportunity to discover and appreciate something in your neighbors’ traditions that will enhance your own celebration.

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