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SA Mailbox

Q. Our priest told us it is a sin to send our child to a public school, saying that we cannot do it. He said we need to send her to a Catholic school or homeschool her. This doesn’t sound right to me. Am I missing something?

A. It is your priest’s opinion and preference, but it is not a rule and is not required of you as a parent to make this kind of choice. A public-school education is a responsible and discerning choice. What is important is that you remain engaged with your child and share with him or her the experience of the offspring’s education. That is the most important part of situation.


Q. This might sound like a stupid question, but I am asking it in all seriousness. Is there ever a time when one Mass fulfills two obligations? I have in mind the Sunday obligation and a holy day of obligation that both occur on the same day.

A. This is not a stupid question. You bring up a situation that is not at all uncommon. When a holy day of obligation falls on a Sunday, your attendance at that Sunday Mass fulfills two obligations.

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