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SA Mailbox

Q. I struggle with what is permitted and what is forbidden on Sunday. What is servile work? How can I know what I can do and what I cannot do?

A. Servile work is work performed by a serf. You are not a serf. The designation has lost any applicable meaning in our modern world. Strive for simplicity and balance, including time for the Sunday Eucharist, for family, and tasks around the house that need attention. Don’t be too restrictive. That is where the idea of balance is important and necessary. 

Q. My grandson is getting married, but it will not be in a Catholic Church. He does not practice his faith, and his fiancée is not Catholic. May I attend the wedding?

A. Absolutely and without hesitation. You should support your grandson and his wife-to-be. They are not asking you for any judgment other than your support for the beginning of their married life. This is not a religious statement. It is a relational celebration that is appropriate. 

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