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Q. My unmarried daughter wants to borrow my lawn chairs to go camping with her boyfriend. Giving her the chairs is cooperation with mortal sin. Must I refuse her request?

A. Permitting your daughter to borrow your lawn chairs is a simple act of sharing between a parent and child. Such sharing is not fraught with the danger of sin. Imposing your scrupulous condition on another person, in this instance a person you love, risks unreasonableness and rigidity. Give your daughter the lawn chairs.

Q. When I drive, I often am convinced that I have hit something that requires me to stop. I choose to keep going because I convince myself that this is an unwarranted fear. Is this a sin?

A. It is never a sin to choose a healthy response over an unhealthy one. While the choice may trigger fear and/or anxiety, feelings seldom are a good measurement of moral life and responsibility. Continue to make the healthy choice. 

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