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July 2023 Mailbox

Q. I understand that seeking reassurance is one of the traits of scrupulosity. If you should not seek reassurance, what should you try to do to become better?

A. You should seek relationships that will help you to manage your condition. A good confessor. A good spiritual director. A good professional counselor. None of these people will offer you reassurance, but they will offer you good, healthy, and practical advice and direction that will aid you in learning how to manage your disorder. You will have to do the hard work, but thankfully the grace of God will be there when you need it the most.

Q. Sometimes when I read your newsletters and watch your videos on YouTube Catholic OCD, I wonder if you believe in mortal sin. You seem to constantly downplay it.

A. I believe in mortal sin, and I take it very seriously. It is not something to be fooled with. What I do not believe is that people who are struggling with scrupulosity are routinely committing mortal sin in the course of their lives. They fear committing mortal sin and have anxiety about mortal sin, but because of the scrupulous disorder, they consistently lack the necessary moral freedom to choose to commit mortal sin.

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