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April 2024 Mailbox

Q. I recently “reverted” to Catholicism. I made a general confession, but I am now more and more aware of sins that I have committed that I did not include in my confession. Must I repeat the general confession and admit to committing the sin of a “sacrilegious confession,” because of my incompleteness?

A. Absolutely and categorically NO. You have no need to repeat your confession. Your sins have been forgiven. Nothing could be clearer. Do not confuse God’s saving and sacramental grace with your lack of perfection. Perfection is not required. The fact that you tried speaks volumes.
Do not turn down the volume of God’s grace at work in your life by picking it apart. Celebrate!

Q. I deliberately drove through a traffic light that was red. It was very late at night, there were no other cars in the vicinity, and the light was very long. I did not feel safe in the neighborhood, and I felt it was best to move on.
I went through the red light. Is this a mortal sin
or a venial sin?

A. It is not a sin at all. You may have risked receiving a ticket for violating a traffic law, but you did not sin. You made a deliberate and an informed choice. It sounds as if it was also a responsible choice. Be at peace.

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