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March 2017 Mailbox

Q. I have a very strong feeling for a coworker. When I’m around her, I feel anxious that I might say or do something wrong. Because the feeling is so strong, I’m concerned that I must be fooling around with temptation and not avoiding the near occasion of sin. I am considering transferring to another department to avoid her.

A. So you want to avoid feeling the sense of attraction that is a normal part of being human? Engage her in conversation, even if it’s silly conversation, and see where it leads. Maybe she has the same feelings about you. We’re not talking about the near occasion of sin; we’re talking about the normal experience of relationship and attraction.


Q. We have a family wedding coming up. Many extended members of my family no longer go to church. If they try to receive Communion at the nuptial Mass, what is my responsibility? To avoid unpleasantness at the wedding, should I make a general announcement, perhaps at the rehearsal dinner, reminding everyone about the rules?

A. No, you should do nothing of the sort. It’s not your business. You have no responsibility to take action. This isn’t the time to discuss their spiritual practices. The priest is trained in these situations, so let him make the call. Avoid unpleasantness by choosing not to make the situation unpleasant, especially since you have no obligation here.

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