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Q. I read that Pope Benedict XVI said in 2008 not to cooperate with genealogy requests from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS). Is subscribing to ancestry resources or newspapers cooperating with LDS? Whatís the Churchís position on this?

A. Pope Benedict’s teaching was intended to direct churches not to share their baptismal records with the LDS. The concern was because of the practice of the LDS to rebaptize ancestors, a practice our Church does not condone. Participating with a genealogical search for personal ancestors is not a concern of the Church and is a perfectly wonderful use of resources.

Q. My family went to a restaurant for dinner called The Lusty Pig. Now Iím concerned that I may have committed a sin by patronizing a place of business with such a suggestive name.

A. I can’t imagine what kind of sin you might have committed. Is it because lusty is part of the restaurant’s name? It seems your sensitivity is on overdrive, which is not required by any stretch of the imagination as a condition of moral responsibility.

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