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We Are Greater Than Fear

Again and again in sacred Scripture we hear, ‘Do not be afraid.’ Again and again we are reminded that God is with us. Our faith tells us that with God by our side, nothing can harm us. Yet we continue to feel afraid and often let that fear control our thoughts, actions, and words.

Being afraid can become a habit. Sometimes we are afraid of making others angry by saying what is in our hearts. Sometimes we are afraid of being hurt if we love someone or let someone love us. Sometimes we are afraid of losing our job if we take a stand against something we feel is wrong or unjust. Sometimes we are afraid of getting old, getting sick, being dependent on others, or being alone.

Overcoming fear takes a commitment on our part, but it can be done. We are greater than fear.

Awareness is our greatest ally in overcoming fear. When we are aware of the fear, we can name it, describe it, and look at the reasons for our fear. We ask God to be right by our side to show us how to address and banish the fear.

Letting go of fear is a skill we learn with practice. Each day we can ask God to show us our fears and help us overcome them. Each day we can trust that God is by our side, leading us gently on the path of love, helping us to leave all fear behind.

Ponder: What do I fear?

Prayer: Risen Lord, you are always with me. Help me love more and fear less.

Practice: Today I will refuse to be controlled by fear.

Adapted from Hopeful Meditations for Every Day of Easter Through Pentecost

by Rev. Warren J. Savage and Mary Ann McSweeny (Liguori Publications, © 2013).

Published in2015 MayReflections