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We Are Enough Just As We Are

We worry so much about our worth. Are we doing enough? Are we proving we’re worthwhile? Are we a valuable member of society? Do we have a purpose?

When we worry about what we do, about what we don’t do, about our place in the world, about our value as people, we are undervaluing ourselves. We are forgetting that God created each of us in love for the purpose of bearing witness to God’s love in the world. We have enough love in our hearts to transform the world. We have enough love in our hearts to heal divisions, promote unity, and perpetuate peace and harmony. Yet when we undervalue ourselves, doubt our goodness, or lose faith in our place in God’s family, we undermine our ability to pour out the love in our hearts. We effectively deny the power of God’s Spirit within us.

We must listen when Jesus assures us that God values us. We must believe that God knows and cares how many hairs are on our head. We must trust that God notices us and loves us without condition, without end. We have no need to be afraid of anything or of any person. Nothing can change our intrinsic worth. Nothing can harm our being. Nothing can take away our position as beloved children of God. We are enough just as we are in this moment. 

Ponder: What do I cherish about myself?

Prayer: Lord, I am grateful you love me. Take away my fears, that I may grow in wisdom and compassion. Help me to love my neighbor as myself.

Practice: With a grateful heart, I will take time to watch sparrows at work and at play.

Adapted from Grateful Meditations for Every Day of Ordinary Time (Weeks 23-34)

by Rev. Warren J. Savage and Mary Ann McSweeny (Liguori Publications, © 2013)

Published in2015 OctoberReflections