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Q. This may sound silly, but it bothers me. I recently saw a poster advertising a movie about St. Francis of Assisi. It showed the saint standing naked in front of his father, renouncing his inheritance. I wasn’t looking for a nude picture. I just stumbled on it. What kind of sin did I commit?

A. You didn’t commit a sin. Nudity isn’t a sin, and looking at the picture you described is not a sin. The poster illustrates an important moment in the life of St. Francis and informs you about the movie that celebrates his life. Pornography is a totally different matter. This poster certainly is not pornographic.

Q. My daughter, who lives with me, is in her twenties and likely smokes and drinks outside the home. Since she lives with me, I feel I have a responsibility to monitor her behavior.

A. Your daughter, as an adult, is responsible for her own choices. Your parental responsibility was to form her to the best of your ability when she was growing up and maturing. Of course you have the right to monitor behavior within your home, but when she is not in your home she needs to make her own decisions.If you wish to share your concerns with her—which adults often do—she might appreciate that.

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